Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Online Christian Business Opportunity Ideas to Think About

Many Christians want a business of their own. You can have a part-time or full-time business with an online Christian business opportunity that can bring in extra income or even create wealth. Almost any business can be a Christian business because it is what you bring. You must always stay true to your values and morals. These businesses do not necessarily have to be about selling Christian products and services but it can be any business. You must bring Christian core values, beliefs and morals in your everyday business dealings. We are to change the environment in which we live or work. There are many Christian businesses to choose from or why not turn an existing business Christian.

> Start a Bookstore 
Many Christians want to start an online bookstore. This takes much preparation but once you have the foundation laid it can be very popular. There are thousands of popular Christian books on the market today. You first have to find wholesalers that will allow you to market them online. Next, create a website that is both creative and easy to read. You want your website to be inviting and well pleasing to the eye. Remember that your website has to be easy to use so when purchases are made your customers can move quickly through the process. Once those things are establish you have to drive traffic to your site.

> Sell Crafts
Selling crafts opens up an online Christian business opportunity that reaches people around the globe. This is a way to use your talents as long as you are creative and artistic. Some people team up with a partner either for financial backing or they may be the one who is artistic. Keep in mind that you can expand your market outside the Christian community for a larger target base. Many of the high selling pieces in crafts are angels and various T-shirts. Custom crafts always bring a personal touch which many love.

> Write an ebook
Writing an eBook is an online Christian business opportunity that many people can take advantage of. This is where you can take your personal expertise of a topic or a profession and write an eBook helping people learn that trade or subject matter. Ebooks have become very popular and the "how to" seems to be the top sellers.

> Content Writing
Many website and blog owners always are looking for creative and good content for their sites. If you have good grammar, creative and have excellent spelling capabilities then this might be something of interest to you. There are many content writers who subcontract their work out to several different websites and companies alike. You can earn a part-time or full-time income. Content writers are in high demand and the more creative you are the more you can get paid per job.

These are just a few ideas to get you going. You must remember to do you research on any business you want to start. There is a learning curve to any online business and you must learn internet marketing as well to be successful. For any business to succeed you have to drive traffic to a site so your prospects can buy what you have to offer. Even if you are offering a service, to get quality takers you have to market yourself. Remember that any online Christian business opportunity will take time to set up but the rewards are well worth the work.

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Salah satu pesan Tuhan bagi para pengusaha kristen di tahun 2014 adalah: jangan memulai / membangun sebuah bisnis bila Tuhan tidak menghendakinya. Nampaknya sebuah pesan yang tidak masuk akal ... bukannya kalau seseorang memang telah terpanggil menjadi pengusaha, maka ia bisa memulai usaha apa saja dan kapan saja ...??

Ibarat rumah yang tadinya berdiri dengan megah juga kokoh, begitulah tadinya bisnis banyak pengusaha Kristen. Namun setelah 'banjir & badai' krisis ekonomi & keuangan melanda, rubuhlah 'rumah' bisnis mereka. Dan salah satu penyebabnya adalah karena kurangnya pengetahuan Firman mereka tentang hal berbisnis.

Setelah tiba waktunya, Abraham mewariskan kekayaannya pada putranya, Ishak. Maka Ishak menjadi menjadi kaya di usia muda. Dan bila ia hendak memulai sebuah bisnis atau investasi, ia telah memiliki segala sesuatu yang dibutuhkan. Ishak memiliki modal yang lebih dari cukup, ia juga memiliki fasilitas/sarana yang memadai.

Setelah menaburkan benihnya, di tahun yang sama dengan ia menabur, Ishak putra Abraham menuai hasil yang sangat spektakuler, yaitu seratus kali lipat. Dan bila Ishak seorang investor, pastilah ia akan mengejutkan juga membuat iri para investor lain. Bahkan beberapa waktu kemudian Ishak pun berkembang...

Beberapa waktu belakangan ini makin banyak saja pengusaha Kristen yang mengalami kemunduran dan keruntuhan usaha (bisnis). Bahkan beberapa dari mereka telah makin dibelenggu oleh hutang. Di sisi lain, pekerjaan iblis dan setan-setan telah mengalami peningkatan dan percepatan di seluruh dunia.